Marcos Alvardo

Marcos Alvarado is an accomplished artist and designer with a variety of talents in the visual arts space. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Alvarado entered the world with a natural talent for drawing. Alvarado began to illustrate cartoons at just 3 years old, later transcending to graffiti and lettering in his early teens. In his late teenage years, Alvarado once again elevated his craft by creating realistic portraits and found his path to spirituality and its darker aspects, an experience which helped him develop his signature style he’s known for today. 

Throughout his career, Alvarado has perfected a multitude of skills to express his creativity through a variety of mediums, including fine art painting, tattoo work, clothing design, and more. Revered for his extraordinary technique, Alvarado’s work has been commissioned by world-renowned artists such as The Grateful Dead, Virgil Abloh, Juice WRLD, Lil Durk, Trippie Redd, and many more.

In 2016, Alvarado launched his own imprint MBM, an acronym for “Miracles, Beliefs, Mysteries.” Described as a mystic visionary brand, MBM represents Alvarado’s inherent ability to incorporate messages, visions, stories, and feelings inspired by the powerful force of the universe through artwork and clothing. Both a reflection of modern spirituality and personal stories, Alvarado successfully pours his life experiences onto paper, carefully transitioning an art piece to a garment.