Jammie Holmes: Make the Revolution Irresistible

Paper Planes collaborates with fine artist Jammie Holmes in celebration of his first ever solo exhibition in a museum, Jammie Holmes: Make The Revolution Irresistible at The Modern (Art Museum of Fort Worth)

The Jammie Holmes x Paper Planes tee and hat are available now for preorder. Preorder will conclude at 12 PM EST on Thursday, August 10th. The museum exhibition opens to the public on Friday, August 11th.

The collaborative hat features the iconic Paper Planes Original Crown 9FIFTY Snapback with Green Undervisor, embroidered with the phrase All We Ask For Is Understanding and a new visual interpretation of the artist's signature flag.

In 2020, Jammie Holmes issued a limited edition of framed, linen flags titled I’ve Seen It All. According to Holmes, the idea for I’ve Seen It All first presented itself to him in a dream. He recalled “walking through a dark alley and seeing these two big eyes." Upon waking, he immediately began to sketch out this vision. When Holmes later shared the news of the edition being released, he captioned the post with the phrase All We Ask For Is Understanding. In regards to this sentiment, he said: "We have all yearned for understanding at some point in our lives so, I think, it is a feeling to which all people can all relate."

The collaborative tee features a digital print of the bench sculpture titled Have a seat, 2022 that Holmes exhibited in his solo show Somewhereinamerica at Various Small Fires during Frieze Los Angeles in February 2023. The back of the tee once again features the phrase All We Ask For Is Understanding

Jammie Holmes truly exemplifies the Paper Planes brand motto, Greatness Is A Process. As a self-taught artist from Thidodaux, Louisiana who has charted his own course to critical success in the art world, Holmes always dreamed beyond his immediate surroundings while still deeply acknowledging and celebrating the place from which he came. He embodies imagination, determination and exploration. Since the brand's inception in 2014, Holmes has worn the Paper Planes Essential 3-Pack Tee and the Original Crown as his daily uniform, both inside and outside his studio. He even has the Paper Planes logo hanging from the rearview mirror of his vintage Impala; a source of daily inspiration and a reminder of the journey he is on.

His exhibition at The Modern highlights "Southern histories and contemporary realities", "the visual and conceptual significance of the Black figure" and "notions of masculinity, mourning, childhood, and race".

To read more about this exhibition and/or to plan your visit, see the link for complete details: https://www.themodern.org/exhibition/jammie-holmes-make-revolution-irresistible