Inside Paper Planes' Diamond Lounge

Paper Planes’ Diamond Lounge will introduce you to the world of greatness. Our shop will feature new and legacy products, documenting the brand's heritage in an airport hangar-themed environment. Visitors will gain access to exclusive events, limited-edition drops, and more! 

Our design of the space took inspiration from JFK’s iconic TWA Terminal and the movie Belly. Emphasizing our “Greatness Is A Process” motto, we utilized the plane in a way that takes bits from its history. Our brand supporters may see notes from our NYC Showroom featured in the environment. 

Created over the summer, we took inspiration from the world’s resilience amongst daily adversity. Each drop honors our process to show up in the world. We begin this journey with pieces like the Original Black Crown and the Bevel Hoodie.

Like their in-real-life counterparts, these essentials are must-haves for your inventory. We worked hard to make sure every detail was present. Along with these come our GIAP graphic tees and limited-edition drops like the Roses Fitted in the color Lava. 


Paper Planes’ Diamond Lounge is the next destination in your journey. We recognize the greatness that lies in community and collaboration. Here we make space for the dreamer to find inspiration, determination, and exploration within themselves. Join the Planes Crew on Roblox in Paper Planes’ Diamond Lounge.