Positive Mental Attitude

Change your mindset, change your reality. PMA capsule, a collection of apparel that promotes positive self-reflection and happiness within. Aligned with BEAM an organization that is dedicated to healing, wellness, and liberation of Black and marginalized communities.

About BEAM

BEAM works in three major ways:

(1) We train everyday members of Black communities - including barbers, teachers, coaches, counselors, parents, and activists - on how to respond to mental health distress in our communities.

(2) We fund smaller organizations and collectives that do healing work in Black communities, from doulas to herbalists, to barbers and group facilitators. We also have a private rapid response fund that supports emergency therapy and wellness for our folks.

(3) We help build movement amongst mental health, healing, and peer support workers by supporting their collective wellness, sustainability, and connection. 

“When we change our minds from thinking ‘we have to do it all alone’ to allowing our communities to support us and help us heal -- we ALL win. Paper Planes embodies the creative vision that we want people to take to mental health and healing - expansion, coloring outside the boxes built for us, and cultivating a new, creative community centered vision.

A positive mental attitude pushes us to see that all of our feelings, even the difficult ones, can teach us and help us grow. A positive mental attitude teaches us that letting folks we trust support us ensures we can all grow together. A positive mental attitude means knowing that with community, we are unstoppable.”

Yolo Akili Robinson
Founder and Executive Director, BEAM 


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